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Nutrition Facts

It's all about balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

We are an Herbalife Nutrition Club which means we use Herbalife products in all of our shakes, teas, etc. 

Our nutrition philosophy is pretty straight forward: Combine balanced nutrition, healthy activity, and a personalized program with support from our team to achieve your health goals. 

Our products are highly-qualified, science-based products that deliver the nutrients your body needs to thrive on a daily basis. Our products work best when paired with healthy eating and regular exercise. 

Below are some details about our most popular products, but we also offer things like...

  • Beauty Booster (verisol collagen)

  • CR7 (electrolytes)

  • Active Fiber (balanced soluble & insoluble fiber)

  • Probiotic (digestive balance)

  • Prolessa Duo (controls hunger, reduces fat)



Check out the beverages we offer at all of our locations. There are many different flavor options for each beverage--refer to the menu on the location page you're nearest for more information.


Meal Replacement Shakes

  • 17-24g Protein

  • 10-13 Net Carbs

  • 4g Fat

  • 3g Fiber

  • 6-9g Sugar

  • 21 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

  • 250 Calories or less


Energy Bombs

  • Guarana Tea

  • B6, B12, Vitamin C

  • Zero Sugar

  • +95mg Caffeine



  • Helps your body absorb nutrients

  • Soothes digestive tract

  • Supports intestinal health

  • Relieves occasional indigestion

  • Flavors available: mango, mandarin, cranberry



  • 15g Whey Protein

  • Zero Sugar

  • 80mg Caffeine

  • 70 Calories



  • 100 Calories

  • 320mg Electrolytes

  • Verisol Collagen & B12

  • Gluten Free


Protein Coffee

  • 100 Calories

  • 15g Whey Protein

  • 2g Sugar

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