Herbalife Nutrition in indianapolis indiana

We are an Herbalife Nutrition Club, which means we use Herbalife products in all our shakes, teas and energy products.

Below are some nutrition facts about these products.

This is not an official Herbalife Nutrition Website.

Nutrition Facts

Herbalife Smoothies in energy spot brownsburg, indianapolis indiana

Brett & Melanie's Story

We are so excited to have the incredible opportunity to serve up healthy smoothies to YOU! We have a passion for the Greenwood Indiana community and want to give back as much as we can. We’ve both received incredible results using the products. 

Brett was able to leave a management position to step into the freedom of the entrepreneur world!

Melanie being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years and now that the kids are in school, is shifting her focus to work alongside her husband to help build a happier and healthier community. We look forward to serving you!

Chris & Kristen's Story

Hello! Welcome to the coaches of Team Greenwood at The Energy Spot. We’re excited to launch Coach Brett and Melanie as the new owners here in Greenwood Indiana!

We are Chris and Kristen Wright. We’ve been doing this business for 7 years and have had the opportunity to expand multiple smoothie bars. If you’re looking for ways of how to eat healthier and incorporate that into your lifestyle, we’re more than just shakes.

Kristen is great at meal prep, healthier options and taking nutrition and everyday eating to a whole new level.

Chris is a former personal trainer and specializes in combining Kristen’s amazing cooking with a workout regimen to help transform your life. Can’t wait to meet you!